Writing and Editing

Sip and Go Girl is a writer with a variety of styles and in a variety of media.

She has been a special projects executive producer, newscast producer, and writer for a CBS TV affiliate in Northern California and a supervising producer and writer for an NBC TV affiliate in Arizona. She knows broadcast TV writing.

She has also worked as a reporter for two community newspapers in Northern California. She knows newspaper writing.

She does work for an Arizona real estate website and presented stories on TV station websites. She knows website writing.

She has written for several state university publications and is waiting to hear about a recent magazine story submission. She knows magazine and newsletter writing.

Her scholarly research has been presented at more than ten regional and national communication and journalism conventions. She has been awarded Broadcast Education Association’s First Place Award for her gender and TV newsroom research plus several research grants. She has also served as a reviewer for peers in paper competitions, often responsible for reviewing work of those with much grander credentials. She knows academic writing.

Sip and Go Girl’s keen eye, speed, and grasp of grammar, spelling, punctuation and facts both mundane and obscure mean others seek her out for editing.

She performs proof reading, copy editing, and literary editing for published authors and evaluates writing for Pearson, which partly owns Penguin Random House publishing. She’s adept at both fiction and non fiction.

She has performed editing for:

  • Western and romance writers
  • Sports writers
  • Journalists
  • Politicians
  • Job seekers